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A few months after LiveJournal's TOS change sent many long-time users, like myself, scurrying to alternatives such as Dreamwidth, another decade-old web institution with a Web 1.0 heritage has alienated its userbase with an unpopular change to their TOS: Photobucket :\

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New TAR season, new gimmick... and now, new blog service :-)

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Thanks to reruns, time to fill a gap in my TARA 5 posts...

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With TAR US being benched this fall, our local TAR broadcaster AXN has brought out TAR Asia out of mothballs for a 5th season... replete with the same host even :-)

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Well, how do you like that? I briefly mentioned in the last part that Disney named one of the minor characters in the film after one of its crew... and look what just happened :-\ (And according to the linked article, he even voiced the character in question. Interesting...)

RIP Daniel Gerson
(Variety/Disney Screencaps)

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And now, the final leg of the Tudyk Trilogy...

Comic book movies have enjoyed a resurgence of late thanks to stuff like Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Marvel's Cinematic Universe, so when Marvel came under Disney's umbrella in 2012, it almost seemed inevitable that the studio would take a crack at adapting one of their comics. Except for one thing... Marvel was already busy adapting some of their lesser known titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and Antman for the MCU. So just like Leo in Inception, they had to go deeper...

This comic's only real claims to fame are a) two of the comic's characters are actually part of the X-Men and b) its authors went on to help create Ben 10 (and now you know why that show's always had that comic book vibe to it :-))

It also didn't help matters that the title read more like a generic movie sequel than a legitimate superhero comic. I mean, how many "where's 1-5?" jokes did we have to endure? Not many, actually, but still ;-)

So yeah, it seemed a big gamble for Disney to adapt a super obscure comic book as their Frozen follow-up. Nonetheless, I imagine its obscurity was also one of its strengths, as it also afforded Disney more leeway in adapting it. You see, comic book nerds can be pretty obsessive in expecting a faithful adaptation of their favorite works, and will complain loudly about any major (and not-so-major) deviations. When even Marvel themselves were scratching their heads that WDAS were adapting the comic, one imagines Disney felt comfortable with taking the characters and (say) turning them into science students, without having to worry about getting much backlash :-)

And it certainly didn't hurt matters, as it beat Nolan's much-hyped Interstellar at the box office (wow, three references to Nolan films in the intro... huh), and went on to win itself an Oscar, though not without some controversy...

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